invalid moo-file after saving

Отчеты об ошибках
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invalid moo-file after saving

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Hello Mr. Kinetik Software,
after updating Stereo Master (which I have bought last year as mac version in the appstore) I had the hope it would run correctly, but I still have the problem that each mpo-file I have saved with stereo master is displayed incorrect on my stereo devices Fujifilm finepix Real3D W3 camera and Fujifilm finepix Real3D display frame. only one image can be seen with one eye, the second consists in noise. So I still have to start over my MacbookPro with bootcamp and Windows 8 to mount an mpo successfully. What can I do?

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Prof. Andreas Kästner

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Re: invalid moo-file after saving

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Please supply an example:
the source MPO file (before edit) and result MPO file (after edit in Stereo Master).

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