Copy sB files from iOS 10 (v5.8) to iOS 14 (v6)

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Copy sB files from iOS 10 (v5.8) to iOS 14 (v6)

Post by MarkP »

For the longest time, I've kept my iPhone at iOS version 10 because all later iOS versions from 11 to 13 broke certain sB editor features, such as simply having the file listing sorted alphabetically instead of having files displayed in random order. With no fix forthcoming from Mr. K because of the Apple/Dropbox fiasco, I just stayed at iOS 10 so my sB didn't break.

Now, I have a new iPhone (iOS 14) that I would like to transfer my sB files to. I have installed sB version 6 on it, but so far I have been unable to transfer my sB files to it.

On my iOS 10 (v5.8) iPhone, I can simply copy and paste files to and from Dropbox using the Dropbox/Local icon on the far right of the function bar at the bottom of the screen.

On my iOS 14 phone in sB 6, I can select a file, then press the "share" button on the bottom of the screen and then go through a lengthy process to select Dropbox and finally upload the file.

However, if I want to DOWNLOAD a file from Dropbox instead, the "share" button is grayed-out and unavailable.

Does the new sB only allow uploading of files to Dropbox and not downloading of files?

Since my iOS 10 iPhone contains my sB files in the root directory (about 250 of them), and iOS 10 does not have a "Files" app, I've had to manually select the files individually and upload to a Dropbox directory which I called "root files", but so far I have no way of getting them into my sB 6 app on iOS 14.

Can anyone provide some assistance?

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Re: Copy sB files from iOS 10 (v5.8) to iOS 14 (v6)

Post by Mr. Kibernetik »

BASIC v6 is 100% compliant with standard iOS documents sharing feature. You can easily transfer files or folders from/to any app which supports iOS documents sharing and BASIC v6.

For example, if you have some files and folders in the Files app, you select them, use "Share" command and choose BASIC app as a destination. It is as simple as that.

Many iOS apps have sharing feature implemented, so maybe you can transfer files directly from Dropbox app into BASIC app. Or maybe you can transfer your documents from Dropbox into Files app and then share them from Files app into BASIC app.

I have tried to share files from Dropbox app into BASIC app, but found that Dropbox app is a bit limited in files sharing. I could easily share files from Dropbox app to BASIC app, but I could not share folders. So, if you have many files and folders to transfer, then I would suggest to copy your documents from Dropbox cloud storage into Files app, and then to share them from Files app to BASIC app.

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