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Show Unicode

Post by rbytes » Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:23 am

This program will display a Unicode Character whose byte address is stored in a file named 'address.txt'.
To create the file, run the Unicode Viewer program I posted earlier today, select a character and press the Save Button. Then run Show Unicode.

Code: Select all

Show Unicode
by rbytes, October 2017
fn = "address.txt"
> m, 1..2
  temp = #.val(#.readline(fn))
  a[m] = temp

b = #.button
b.x = 80
b.y = 100
b.fontsize = 400
b.text = #.str(a)
#.drawtext(130,660,"The character appears like this")
#.drawtext(130,700,"when printed or used as text")
#.drawtext(130,740,"in an interface object")
#.drawtext(720,660,"The character appears like this")
#.drawtext(720,700,"when drawn with a drawtext")


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