Thank you!

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Thank you!

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Ever since I switched to a Mac, I was really missing an app like yours. Having typewriter sounds make me a very efficient writer. I just went and bought the extra sounds even if I don't need them to show support for the app.I had no idea how much I was missing the typing sounds until I found your app on the App Store.

My only real issue (besides the lag in my AirPods, but I know that's not the app's fault) is that sometimes I type really fast when I get into a good rhythm and the sounds get all jumbled up together. Is there a way to fix that? Maybe a sound theme with really short clicks for fast typing?

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Re: Thank you!

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Thank you very much for your response.

Have you tried other sound themes for your typing?
There are currently 27 themes available in Loud Typer, some of them are suitable for very fast typing.

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Re: Thank you!

Post by leogcastilhone »

Hey guys!
I just posted a reply to my previous thread ("Sound request") about this problem!
Do you guys think it's a Big Sur issue or maybe some "coding issue" between Big Sur and LoudTyper? I'm not an expert (as you might've noticed after I wrote "coding issue"), but it is something that have been bothering me a lot. I used LoudTyper constantly but now I can barely stand it after 15 minutes of jumbled-up sounds. And I tried using 10 or 12 of the other sounds I like, but nothing changed.
Hope my testimony is useful :D

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