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Feature Request: Menu Bar Volume Control/Sound Profiles Control

Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:40 pm
by thechexican
This fantastic app has been a 5-Star "Should Be a BuiltIn MacOS Utility"-rated utility on the Mac App Store since I first found it. All of the updates made over time have made it all the better. After all this time of using it, there's only one thing I can think of that would make it perfect: quick access to volume profiles.

Presently, Loud Typer volume is controlled inside of the Settings menu's Sound Themes pane, a slider relative to the system volume. This works well enough for general use and/or with headphones, but not so much when actively changing work environments.

For example, when my MacBook is docked at my desk and putting out sound to my computer speaker system, I don't want Loud Typer's sound effects to be at full volume as they become too jarring and disruptive at high volumes. But if away from the desk and listening through the MacBook's built-in speakers, then I do want the Loud Typer keystrokes to be at full volume with very low-volume background music I'm playing in an open space.

Having quick access to volume control/sound themes via the menu bar icon would be a great boost to the user experience, and save so many extra clicks having to go into the actual settings panes to get finer control of the app, especially considering how sparsely populated the menu bar icon's menu currently is.

Re: Feature Request: Menu Bar Volume Control/Sound Profiles Control

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2021 12:50 am
by Mr. Kibernetik
Thank you very much for your suggestion!

Some comments regarding the Loud Typer volume setting.
It was designed to be independent of the main system volume. Although it is not possible to have absolutely independent app volume (if you turn off system volume completely or make it very low then app volume also will be decreased), Loud Typer tries to keep it independent of system volume increase.

What does it mean?

Say, if system volume is 10% and Loud Typer volume is 10%, then app sounds volume will be 10%. If you increase system volume to 50% or to 100% then app sounds volume will be still 10%. Loud Typer sounds will not become louder than the app sound setting even if you change the main system volume up or down.
But if you set main system volume to 10% and Loud Typer app sounds volume to 100% then app sounds volume will be 10%. Because app volume can be lower than system volume but cannot be higher than system volume.

So, the suggested volume setting procedure is this:

1. Set system volume to 100%
2. Set desired Loud Typer app sounds volume. For example, it will be 20%.
3, Set desired system volume.

Now, changing system volume from 20% to 100% will not affect Loud Typer app sounds volume, because it will always keep it as 20%.
But making system volume lower than 20% will also make Loud Typer app sounds volume lower, because app cannot keep its volume higher than system volume.

Re: Feature Request: Menu Bar Volume Control/Sound Profiles Control

Posted: Sun Oct 17, 2021 11:55 am
by Nikolay1977